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KastKing Calamus Spinning Fishing Rod 9 Actions & Lengths Ultra-Light Weight Rod


KastKing Calamus Spinning Fishing Rod 9 Actions & Lengths Ultra-Light Weight Rod

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KastKing Calamus Spinning Fishing Rod 9 Actions & Lengths Ultra-Light Weight Rod

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Product Features:

  • Ultra Light IM7 Micro Polish Blanks – Calamus rods are designed from the ground up to be the lightest rods on the planet. We start with an ultra – thin, 30 million modulus, micro polish IM7 blank that has a strain rate of 650K. These extremely light rods are perfect for panfish, trout and many warm water species.


  • Premium Titanium Guides – To keep weight to an absolute minimum, we’ve used V – Mark titanium guide frames and rings which are not only light but help detect the subtlest bites through our super sensitive micro polish blank.


  • SKSS 2 pc Reel Seats – We eliminate even more weight by using high quality, SKSS 2 pc reel seats with ultra-light, premium EVA handles. Designed with a weight saving split rear handle and thin fighting butt, these rods balance perfectly for all day comfort.


  • 9 Ultra – Light Weight Spinning Models – The Calamus series is available in 9 models from an ultra-light 4’6″ 1 pc rod that is perfect for panfish and small trout, all the way to a 7′ 2pc MH rod that will handle any trout, walleye or bass that swims.


  • Starting at 2.5 Ounces – With overall weights starting at just 2.5 ounces, these incredible new rods are perfect for panfish, trout, smallmouth bass, walleye and more. You won’t believe how light and powerful these rods are and you’ll have confidence in their durability because of KastKing’s Incredible Total Peace of Mind Warranty!

More Details:

KastKing Calamus Ultra-Light Weight Spinning Fishing Rods, IM7 Micro Polish 2Pc Blanks, Lightweight Titanium Guides, 2 pc SKSS Reel Seats, 9 Actions & Lengths from Ultra-Light to Medium Heavy

The hollow tube or quill of a feather is called the Calamus which is where these fine rods get their name. They are truly light as a feather and will provide you with an incredible fishing experience.

We designed these rods around a new micro polish blank technology that starts with an extremely light, IM7, 30 million modulus blank with a strain rate of 650K. This is one of the lightest materials available today yet has an incredible power/weight ratio combined with increased sensitivity.

To be sure we don’t add any unnecessary weight in the finish of these rods, we use only V-Mark titanium guide frames and rings which are extremely light and transmit energy like no others. We then selected SKSS 2 pc reel seats to eliminate any extra material and to ensure you have a solid base for your reel.

Starting at just 2.5 ounces, there are 9 spinning models available from an ultra-light, 4’6″ 1 pc rod all the way to an equally light 7′ 2 pc MH heavy rod that will handle your favorite freshwater fish from trout, walleye and bass.

These rods look as good as they perform with the light gray metallic blank, premium black EVA handles and metallic green aluminum components. You’ll love the rods.

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